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Becoming a CEO is a balance between mindset & "Know How..."
Nothing helps expedite this process more then surrounding yourself with "Like-minded" individuals who've come together to grow in business and knowledge.
Feel empowered to take your career to the next level, get unstuck and move forward in your life and entrepreneurship. (Multiple day event)
Educational based workshop used to teach specific subject matter in a hands-on intimate classroom setting.
Enhance you mindset by experiencing the entrepreneural lifestyle filled with freedom and success. 
Our 2018 Home Care Empowerment Conference Winners
HomeCarePreneur Of The Year
Home Care Agency - Zeppone Caring Hands
Owner - Thea Zeppone
Rising Star Award
Atlanta Home Care
Go Getter Award
Private Suite Home Care Agency 
Success Driven Award
Kind Heart Home Care 
Dream Chaser Award
Tops Passionate 
Homecare Agency 
Trailblazer Award
Competent Hearts Home Care 
Blood, Sweat & Tears Award
Healing Through 
Caring Homecare 
This Video Is Dedicated To The Attendees Of The 2018 Home Care Empowerment Conference
A personal thank you to all the Home Care Empowerment Conference attendees. It would not have been the same event without each and everyone of you. Your energy, participation and determination filled the conference room with a powerful presence that is still felt to this day. The connections and breakthroughs we made has spread across the nation causing HomeCarePreneurs to chase their dreams with an extreme passion.
We're grateful to be part of your lives and your journey.
Best Regards,
​Coach Michele & Coach Rob
2018 Home Care Empowerment Conference 
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